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FT Asset Management

Managing Cash and Financial Assets from Sweden since 2015

FT Asset Management is a registered bespoke financial services provider based in Sweden.

We are specialised in two areas:

1.     Corporate and Project financing, debt-free.  

2.    Asset Management and making more money with your money.


Debt-free financing

You believe in your business. But getting a bank or investor to believe in you, that is a whole different ball game. Together we can make it happen.

Together with you

After we have approved your request for financing or corporation, we provide you with debt-free funding.
Normally a financier (bank or other company) demands some form of control, not with us.
You are in charge and the profits are all yours to spend.
This, of course, is done together with you.

Larger amounts possible

We can provide the amount of capital needed for the project. given we have sufficient time, any amount can be provided.

let us explain how we do that

I have travelled wide and far. FT Asset Management is always behind me to support our new business ventures.  Once all the preparations are done on our end, they will provide financing, fitting to our need.  

Atica North America, LLC, USA, Gabriel Ortiz, CEO - A Valued Customer

FT Asset Management and debt-free financing.

Let's use the following scenario as an example.

A city is building a new residential area and would like to add a train station to it. With all costs included the total sum would come to 100 Million Euro.

The city has 50Million Euro available and would need to borrow the other 50 Million. This would place an extra burden on the city in the form of taxes and other burden.

FT Asset Management can take over the financing of this project without creating more debt.

The train station would be built without placing an extra load on the finances of the city; a beautiful train station without the costs.

We are implementing many opportunities in partnership with FT Asset Management, for real estate as well as other areas. They communicate in an open and transparent manner.  Financing is available for business we have prepared.  

CJ Architecture, UK  , HRH Jermaine D.E. Campbell, CEO  - A Valued Customer


Frejgatan 13-1478, 1 14 79
Stockholm, Sweden


T:     +46 8 50 541 351 
Fax: +46 8 52 503 825


Registration: 969777-7549
LEI: 533551613144957922