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Debt Free Financing

Project financing and corporate financing can be done on a combination of client capital and FT Asset Management capital or any other combination.

This method is designed for projects or companies with a financing need of 25 Million Euro / US Dollars to 250 Billion Euro / US Dollars (or equal).

On this page we explain the technical implementation of the financing in a step by step overview

We are proud to be a premier institutional investor of FT Asset Management.Mr. J.J. van der Most (General partner and founder) and his teams are a hardworking and dedicated resourceful wealth managers and private bankers. We trust and appreciate his fidelity.

NVC Fund is an influential institutional investor with diversified interest in many companies. 

NVC Fund, Dallas, USA, Frank Ekejija, Chairman - A Valued Customer

  1. FEEL FREE TO INTRODUCE YOURSELF  - Tell us what you are looking for and we are glad to work with you. The best method, is by sending an email. One of our experts will reply and he/she will be your contact person through the whole process.
  2. FITTING SOLUTION Our specialist will structure a solution especially for your needs.
  3. SELECT A TRANSFER METHOD - Below you see a selection of our instruments can we can issue.
  4. HAVE IT ACCEPTED - If you a bank, company or person what is proving the cash, they need to accept our instrument. We like to know of their acceptance, preferably on paper.
  5. COMPLETE THE CONTRACT - you can download the applicable contract below and complete it. Fill in as much details as possible, involved people, time lines, etc are important. 
  6. WE SEND THE INSTRUMENT - After we have accepted your contract, we will start to send the instrument as agreed.
  7. FUNDING AVAILABLE - You pay us the agreed amount and you can start your project.
  8. MORE FUNDING - we can add one extra step: by using the cash, we can implement transactions to buy and sell commodities like diamonds, gold, silver and many others. With the profits we can finance the project. The advantage is, that the project does not depend on the (bank-) financing anymore, but the financing comes from the profits on these transactions.

Our most populair instruments

We have serval methods to transport capital. Below a selection.
Next to the instruments below we have others on request

Per 1 November 2019 updated policy:
Only account holders can sign our contracts
Standby Letter of Credit (SBLC) via SWIFT with
100% Lloyds Credit Default Insurance
to Lease (you will return the SBLC)
to Purchase (we will pay out at maturity)
sample SBLC

Standby Letter of Credit (SBLC) via SWIFTto Lease (you will return the SBLC)
to Purchase (we will pay out at maturity)
sample SBLC

SWIFT Manual Downloadthe agreementPresentation by SWIFT corp

MT103 via SWIFT (Manual Clearance)the agreementsample MT103

MT103 One Way (Credit Enhancement)the agreementsample MT103

Transfer via Telexthe agreement
list of countries and their telex number
Transfer via Telexthe agreement
list of countries and their telex number

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